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Wildlife Prairie State Park

" This is where moose were reintroduced to Colorado in the 1970s. The county and the Colorado State Forest is home to 600 moose, with about a third of those located near the Moose Visitor Center near Gould. The animals' chocolate brown coloring makes them easy to spot against the snowy landscape. Moose have no problem with deep snow, thanks to their long legs. Photographers, however, will need snowshoes to get out into the state forest and see these critters. The state forest offers camping cabins, which can be reserved at the visitors center.

Animal Vegetable Miracle Summary

Fostering an inviting environment for wildlife will attract many beneficial animals and promote a vibrant and healthy ecosystem in your garden. First let's get health and safety out of the way. Even shallow ponds can be dangerous to babies, toddlers and small children. Make sure the sides are non-slippery; the bottom is deep enough so that if they fall in they don't knock themselves unconscious and shallow enough so they can stand-up. Better still wait until they can swim and understand the dangers involved with water. For additional safety you can fit a custom made grill over the water surface which will bear the weight of a child to prevent them falling in. Ponds are easy to build and also attract a wealth of wildlife to the garden. It can be small enough to float sticks on or big enough to sale small boats. The choice is yours. Add some fish to it and the entertainment can be endless as the children encourage the fish to the surface by feeding them. Birds and small animals will visit a water source to drink and bathe so provide a bird bath if you don't want to install a pond.