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The fawn would have otherwise been euthanized. The person who brought the fawn in assumed she had been abandoned or orphaned because she was alone, which is a common misconception. Wild animals often leave their babies alone to hunt for food, and often the mother is nearby, but they do not hover over their babies the way we often suppose they would. Additionally, the Arizona Fish & Game website notes that'*Because deer and elk can transmit chronic wasting disease, they should almost never be brought in from the wild. "*If you have taken a young deer or elk from the wild, immediately take it back to exactly where you found it. Do NOT release it in a different location; its mother will not find it.

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Love the call of the wild? Unless you have lots of free time to camp out in the hinterlands and stalk the inhabitants, your chances of having face-to-face encounters with wild animals are about as good as having a beer with Bigfoot. The next best thing is visiting a wildlife sanctuary or refuge, where you can get reasonably (and safely) close to some of the most beautiful, exotic, and often the most endangered species on the planet. And by including a sanctuary destination in your travel plans, you can support the efforts of these nonprofit organizations that work to save animals from cruelty, neglect, and even extinction. View slideshow:Visit some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the U. S. *At Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, founder Carole Baskin's vision is to end the abuse and abandonment of captive exotic animals and promote preservation of the species in the wild.