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The adult bears and wolves are spectacular, and the baby bears, foxes, and raptors will keep you entertained for hours. *While there are dozens of private sanctuaries and preserves, don't forget the refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System, such as the J. N. "Ding" Darling refuge on Sanibel Island in Florida or the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. Managed by the U. S.

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Getting the permit isn't difficult or terribly expensive, but understanding some of the hows and whys will make your personal experience go a little more smoothly. In this article, I will cover a few of the circumstances when you do need a permit, when you might not, and what to do if you do need it. Generally speaking, an Import Permit is not needed for common, domesticated animal products such as cow, sheep and goat products, rabbit furs and skins, and a number of other unregulated animal-derived products and materials. This would also include avian products like domestic goose down, but you can find a full listing on Fish & Wildlife's website, which you can link to later in the article. Additionally, personal shipments of regulated goods can be exempt from the permit requirement, but this area is a little grayer. If you make an online purchase of a high-end pair of Italian crocodile leather shoes, or 2 or 3 ostrich leather handbags from Australia, chances are good that Fish & Wildlife will not require you to have an Import Permit, if they are coming to you as an individual. However, if you order a large quantity of either, at their discretion, Fish & Wildlife may take a closer look. If they feel that your order has a commercial quantity, they could ask you to provide the permit, even if they're for your personal use. Those are a couple of circumstances when Fish & Wildlife might not require you to carry the Import Permit. Let's take a look at those times when you will need to have that permit, and what you need to do to get it. Any business-to-business importation of Fish & Wildlife regulated goods will require you to obtain the Import Permit.