Wildlife in Crisis

Plant Conservation Education

Monarch butterflies cannot reproduce without milkweed. As we've replaced natural habitat (that included milkweed) with suburban lawns and agricultural areas, we've destroyed milkweeed plants. Gardeners can help reverse this trend and aid declining monarch butterfly populations by planting milkweed in their yards. Almost every year we find monarch caterpillars on our milkweed. We also find milkweed bugs, another species dependent on milkweed. Second, I've added nesting boxes. These often attract bird families. It's helpful to have several with each in a different location so that birds may choose the spot they like best. Some nesting boxes (birdhouses) are a cute garden ornament. If birdhouses are spaced far enough apart and food is plentiful, you may see more than one nesting pair. The way you maintain your lawn and garden can have an effect on the local wildlife, your health, and the health of your neighbours.

Animal Outreach

gov/northeast/iroquois the 10,000 plus acres of refuge here are important for the home they provide to fresh water marshes, swamps and the wildlife that abides there. While the protective goal of the wildlife refuge remains paramount, the area is open for well framed recreational activities. Fishing, hunting and even non-motorized boating is permitted within the refuge. There are three nature trails that can lead to wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities. There are even areas where it is permissible to ride a bike. Cross country skiers can enjoy the seven and a half mile trail during the areas prolonged winter season.