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My wife and our two kids got in the jeep that was being driven by Erica. Erica is a nice young lady with more ambition than you'd find in an entire dormitory at FSU who makes the people who work at Disney's Animal Kingdom safari tours look like Brit Hume; actors rather than professionals. (Interestingly enough, Erica is also the favorite employee of an exotic bird there that was as expressive as Bruce Willis when Erica was out of the room and suddenly became as animated and talkative as Sarah Palin when Erica appeared. You might also like to know that the parrot has a far more extensive vocabulary than Palin!) Erica not only knew the animals well enough to give us all the pertinent information on species and behavior that you might expect, but she knew the animals by name. She could actually tell us the specific behavioral qualities of individual animals. Try getting that at Animal Kingdom.

Animal Euthanasia

Visiting National Wildlife Refuges in New York State is not always an easy matter. But the experience is usually more than worth whatever effort you put in to accessing the refuge. President Theodore Roosevelt was the founder and prime mover behind the National Wildlife Refuge system. His Sagamore Hill home in Oyster Bay still stands fittingly adjacent to the Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge, a spot that he knew and loved well. Other National Wildlife Refuges in the State of New York have been established to protect the habitat, breeding and nesting areas of wildlife throughout the state but they are also wonderful places to visit and to share with your family. Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Theodore Roosevelt always spoke with great affection for his family dwelling on Oyster Bay. Today that home, Sagamore Hill, is a National Historic Site and it is surrounded by the waters of the Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It appears the TR knew where to put down roots. The Oyster Bay Refuge is protected by law because of the habitat its waters provide for many species of marine life. While the species are important on their own, they also have tremendous value as a food source for fish eating birds and also aquatic mammals like seals and turtles .