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It is one of the biggest attractions for tourists. Walk- through safari and drive- through safari parks are very popular among visitors. Some of the safari parks are interactive as well where one can feed animals and watch them closely. Animal shows are arranged to add more interactive features in the safari. Wildlife photographers are attracted to the beauty of wildlife in African Safaris. The diversity of scenery that can be captured and availability of close up capturing of wildlife scenes is a true attraction for wildlife photographers. The breathtaking splendid beauty and erotic scenes are conserved in the cameras of wildlife photographers. Many wildlife documentaries and close observations for wildlife studies are also destined to African safaris. Adventurous minds and tourists are well attracted to the wildlife of Africa that is why true essence of wildlife safari is equal to wild adventures and erotic natural beauty. Wildlife viewing can be an exciting day trip for the whole family. First search an animal you wish to find, then viewing area, city or state.

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There are currently seven national wildlife refuges in Illinois. All of them are either straddling the Illinois or the Mississippi River corridors. Chautauqua, Emiquon, and Meridosia are found along the Illinois River southwest of Peoria while Crab Orchard, Middle Mississippi River, Cypress Creek, and Two Rivers straddle the mighty Mississippi River. Glacial Park in McHenry County is inside the new boundary of the newly authorized national wildlife refugePhoto credit: Ted Nelson The closest of these seven refuges to Chicago is Chautauqua, which is over three hours away and a two-hundred mile drive. Hackmatack is only seventy miles north. Hackmatack becomes the tenth national wildlife refuge in Wisconsin.