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S. ranchers and government agencies have poisoned 99% of North America's prairie dogs because horses and cattle sometimes step into the burrows and break their legs" (Sustaining Biodiversity). The market for exotic pets and plants are also a cause of wildlife extinction. "About 25 million U. S. households have exotic birds as pets, 85% of them imported. More than 60 bird species, mostly parrots, are endangered or threatened because of this wild bird trade" (Sustaining Biodiversity). The reason that pollution and climate change also impacts species and causes extinction because of pesticides and rapid climate change. "According to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, each year in the United States, pesticides kill about one-fifth of the country's beneficial honeybee colonies, more than 67 million birds, and 6-14 million fish.

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When a gift of the Morton family established this refuge back in the 50's one can only hope family members knew the beauty they protected and shared with wildlife and with human beings. Coming to Elizabeth A. Morton Refuge is like visiting many refuge areas all rolled up in one. The diversity of habitats in this area of Sag Harbor, New York is incredible. There is a great bay beach, fresh and brackish ponds, kettle holes, grasslands, marshes even woodlands, The result of course is a special retreat for all manner of birds and wildlife and a wonderful place for humans to quietly share at least for a few hours The trail through the Elizabeth A Morton Refuge will give you a chance to photograph or simply view lots of birds but the sharp of eye visitors will also have fun spotting frogs and painted turtles. Children will find it easy to spot larger birds like ducks, mallards and some of the water birds. The refuge is open to humans from a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset daily. There is a car admission fee of $4 per auto unless you have a season pass. If you walk or ride your bike in the cost is only $2 Throughout the nation there is an important struggle taking place. This struggle is the fight to save wildlife and the habitat they depend on for survival. There are many partners in this struggle, including the United States Fish and Wildlife Services, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and state wildlife agencies.