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Much to my surprise the Global Wildlife Center had some bison on hand and though conservatives would probably be offended by the interspecies mingling with longhorn steers, I think normal people would be equally amazed at the chance for their kids to actually pet one of the inspiring animals. Look at that picture and take special notice of the intelligence that you can see in that eye. Near the end of the tour I made great friends with a llama. While the usual case was a murder of animals coming up behind the jeep, apparently this llama was their king. Giving him plenty of space, even those jerk zebras, I had him to my own for about five minutes. He ate from my cup and allowed me to pet him; I never knew just how soft a llama is.

World Plant Conservation Day

Learning gains sound roots in thinking and analysis through discussion; it garners relevance and meaning from real world situations and parameters. Disparate pieces and details gain smart, actionable depth as various interpretations and ideas are discussed. Be a part of this vital thinking and analysis process with your learner. Guide toward understanding of real world steps taken in an initiative. Expertise is critical in solutions. The Wildlife Conservation Society's President and CEO, Dr. Steve Sanderson, indicates, 'WCS is a leading organization in the development of comprehensive strategies that combine field and zoo conservation to save this major taxonomic group from an extinction crisis. We have the expertise in our parks, in our health program, and in our global conservation field program to meet this challenge. ' Dr. Elizabeth Bennett, Vice President of Species Conservation at WCS, expands on the deployment of collaborative expertise. Bennett indicates, 'Only by garnering the vast knowledge and resources from across the whole of WCS can we successfully address the threats to the world's endangered turtles.