Wildlife Yellow Jackets

Animal Adaptations

In 2009, the Green Hour effort merged into NWF's current children's campaign Be Out There And it's not just children NWF works to connect to nature. NWF's wildlife habitat certification program provides individuals resources and assistance in creating habitat within their own backyard. The NWF site also offers a Nature Find search engine to connect people with outdoor venues and activities. Visiting National Wildlife Refuges in New York State is not always an easy matter. But the experience is usually more than worth whatever effort you put in to accessing the refuge. President Theodore Roosevelt was the founder and prime mover behind the National Wildlife Refuge system.

Animal Dreams

A deer carcass was in the enclosure and Leo and all the animals look well fed. When leaving Leo's viewing area we saw a donations box to help feed Leo and the other animals, we quickly obliged and hope you do the same. We went back inside the Riverside Wildlife Center and received a safety lecture. Lynn, one of the owners, told us not to tap the glass because it can cause snakes to strike at the glass which can injure the snakes. We were told that we would have the opportunity to see many animals and even touch and hold some. Some of the animals are dangerous so we were told to stay with our guide and to listen to him carefully. During the indoor portion of our tour we saw snapping turtles, scorpions, many snakes, including several poisonous snakes and some from Missouri. There was a rat in one snake's cage and at the end of our visit he was starting to eat it. When the snakes eat be sure to stay away from the cage as they might get nervous and spit it out. We watched as our tour guide fed lemurs what looked like a nutria grain bar. We held a one year alligator and a 3 year alligator.