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Plastic bags floating in water can be mistaken by marine animals for jelly fish. When the marine animal tries to eat the fake jelly fish (the plastic bag) it can suffocate or choke. Solution: Tie your plastic bags into a big knot before throwing them away into the trash or recycle bin. Why tie them in a knot if them are going to be disposed of in a trash or recycle bin? Because plastic bags can and often do fly out of trash trucks and the wind carries them off into the ocean. Balloons and pieces of balloons are dangerous to wildlife. They pose a threat of suffocation. Balloon fights are fun, but leave small pieces of balloon remnants on the ground which can harm wildlife. Solution: After a balloon fight, pick up all of the little pieces of balloon and place them inside a bag. Close the bag securely and throw the bag into a trash can. Never let helium balloons fly away. As fun as it is and yes I have childhood memories of releasing helium balloons, it is very dangerous to wildlife and should not be done.

Wildlife Fish and Game

Do NOT release it in a different location; its mother will not find it. ' The SWCC receives many, many baby birds and mammals each year that almost certainly were not really abandoned or orphaned. The SWCC also rescues and rehabilitates local injured wildlife, and their release rate is about 70%, so most of the animals they care for are able to be released to the wild. Others, such as the Mexican gray wolf and Leonardo, are not able to be released for a variety of reasons, and these animals are used in programs to educate children and visitors to the SWCC about the role of wildlife in our world. The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) is sort of like The Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolph - they provide home, sanctuary and love for creatures that don't quite fit anyplace else and that have no place else to go. They provide a place that is the next best thing to being able to live wild and free in the animal's natural habitat when that, for whatever reason, is no longer an option.