Wildlife Woods Campground

Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre

Each of these will be beneficial to the environment and will help you achieve a wildlife habitat in your own backyard. A garden is a wonderful place and should be enjoyed by humans and wildlife alike. Fostering an inviting environment for wildlife will attract many beneficial animals and promote a vibrant and healthy ecosystem in your garden. First let's get health and safety out of the way. Even shallow ponds can be dangerous to babies, toddlers and small children. Make sure the sides are non-slippery; the bottom is deep enough so that if they fall in they don't knock themselves unconscious and shallow enough so they can stand-up.

Plant Conservation Network

The Bemis Woods Trail is one mile in length. Along the route there will be five stations manned either by naturalists or volunteers. Each station has interesting information about reptiles & amphibians, birds, mammals, insects, and each station has a fun activity. Last year the author manned the frog/amphibian station. The station was equipped with pictures of frogs with an electronic sound of each frog. Children were asked to match the frog sound with the picture. There was also an origami frog cut out activity. There will be water and a light healthy snack available. It is recommended to bring your own water bottle. You can bring your own picnic lunch. There will be no food for sale at in the forest preserve.