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Most of the African cities are situated in the deserts which make the survival of even the natives very tough. But still tourists pour in African cities from the whole world to experience its wonders and why is that? The charm here is irresistible. You cannot find a better place to enjoy wildlife in their natural urroundings than here in Africa. It really is an out of body experience for every tourist and visitor. The wild animals are not the only thing worth watching. You also get to see the amazingly beautiful and surreal landscapes spread far and wide in Africa. You see the lush green colors of huge trees and rainforests which are a sight to behold. The wide expanse of the dull brown desert with its golden sands is also worth a watch. Even more breathtaking is the natural viewing of the hunting. How the predators chase and pounce at their prey is the most amazing spectacle ever. The thrill and rush of watching such amazing attraction.

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A wildlife manager is responsible for all aspects of the hunt, except the actual ability of the hunter to shoot the game. This includes food plots, protein feeders, corn feeders, location of feeders, blinds, locations of blinds, herd management, hunter needs, and of course, taking care of the game after it has been shot. Food plots will need to be located in prime areas where the game will have the best opportunity to use them. The locations should be away from busy roads, should be close to cover to ensure security for the game and the wildlife manager should do some scouting in the area to see if there are any signs that the deer are in the area where the food plot is being considered. After deciding on the location, the type of seeds use in the food plot is the next consideration. Using the food plot year round is accomplished with a little work and planning.