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There are even areas where it is permissible to ride a bike. Cross country skiers can enjoy the seven and a half mile trail during the areas prolonged winter season. And photographers are often drawn to the area, making use of photography blinds that can be reserved in advance. The Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge provides habitat protection but it also welcomes human visitors. Like other wildlife refuges, Iroquois is an open advertisement to all of the importance of caring for and about the national treasure that is our wildlife. Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge. The Morton Refuge is the kind of place you want to take kids who are into nature or who don't know anything about nature at all, because by the end of the visit they'll all be in the same boat - committed young naturalists. When a gift of the Morton family established this refuge back in the 50's one can only hope family members knew the beauty they protected and shared with wildlife and with human beings. Coming to Elizabeth A. Morton Refuge is like visiting many refuge areas all rolled up in one.

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There are even picnic tables available for you use. There are lots of special environmental education programs that go on at Wheeler year round. There is also a summer camp and volunteer days that may interest you and your family It is possible to enjoy Wheeler year round but some in the state also take advantage of the assigned hunting and fishing seasons within the refuge to enjoy their favorite sport. There are 6 developed boat ramps and several undeveloped areas that will let you get your craft on the water. Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, Gulf Shores, AL Much smaller thatn the huge Wheeler refuge, Bon Secour comprises only 7,000 acres. But what it does with that acreage is considerable. Established in 1980 the refuge has been set aside for non-game migratory birds who are making their way south to lower Florida, Mexico or the Caribbean. More than 350 species of birds have been spotted at Bon Secour which makes the refuge a big draw for birders young and old alike. Most frequently seen are larage numbers of ospery and heron, large birds that get lots of human response. Visitors are welcomed to walk the Pine Beach Trail that will take you through lush areas filled with all manner of plant life. Among the reasons that Bon Secour was set aside as a refuge was the desire to preserve the endangered Alabama beach mouse, a native of the dunes and to protect the habitat of a variety of sea turtles.