Wildlife Taxidermy

Animal Emergency Clinic

Small pets, rabbits and guinea pigs for example, are happiest in a secure run on a lawn. If you move the run every other day they may even mow the grass for you. They do need a place to sleep so a suitable hutch or den should be included with warm bedding and food and water. Think of your pet as if it was in the wild and give room for exercise, you wouldn't like to be locked up inside all day. Dogs have to be trained if they are going to behave as you would want them to. A piece of soil or area of grass is a convenient toilet even if this is in the middle of your well-manicured lawn.

Wildlife Management

Now it will be more important than ever to keep them safe and healthy by eliminated harmful chemicals. Conservation is a factor is having a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. The National Wildlife Federation recommends collecting rainwater, reducing lawn areas and restoring native plants. Each of these will be beneficial to the environment and will help you achieve a wildlife habitat in your own backyard. A garden is a wonderful place and should be enjoyed by humans and wildlife alike. Fostering an inviting environment for wildlife will attract many beneficial animals and promote a vibrant and healthy ecosystem in your garden.