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November 3 - February 28 crows are in season. Georgians encourage you to visit and bag as many crow as you can handle. There is no limit on the number of crows you may hunt. Wild turkeys are another plentiful fowl in Georgia. You have to plan well before Thanksgiving if you plan to bag a live turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Turkeys may only be hunted March 22, 2007 - May 15, 2007.

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I was coughing up tons of white mucus. I only have a dust allergy, so it has to be something outside. I am worse when I am out of air conditioning for any length of time. He said he could not rule out that there was something in the air which had really irritated my respiratory system, throat, and sinuses, including hoarseness. I was put on steroids, and this cleared up, but once off them, it was not long before I was right back where I began,and had to resume taking them as well as Advair. Some of my friends also have the same syndrome and are taking steroids and Advair, also. The incidence of respiratory illnesses where I work also went way up, with no definitive diagnoses. This has continued into the present time. Many of the elderly have also been put on steroids and Oxygen. "As an experiment or sorts, I took some time off in early September and flew to Vermont to see my brother.