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These collect the water when it rains. To alleviate concerns about West Nile virus, I need to empty these saucers and refill them periodically. A couple of years ago, I removed a patch of lawn that was the low spot in my yard and replaced it with a rain garden. This area, which was next to my driveway, flooded after every hard rain storm leaving a swampy mess. I replaced it with native plants that love moist soil. Now, instead of adding to the run-off that makes it into the sewer system, the water percolates slowly into the ground. And we have no more flooding problems. My garden also incorporates cup plant (Silphium perfoliatum). The leaves of this plant collect water during each rainstorm. In the prairie, cup plant serves as a natural water source for wildlife. Wildlife need sheltered spots to raise their offspring or future generations will not survive.

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*For a Yellowstone visit, go to Yellowstone National Park's localized website, especially to check on event schedules during a busy season. *Review general National Park information -- An excellent source for general, national park information is the National Park Service's website. Yellowstone National Park is magnificent, and it's huge. Enjoy its prolific wildlife, but don't miss its wonderland of geothermal spectacles. The world's largest collection of geysers was one of the critical reasons for the 1872 creation of America's first national park. An informative Yellowstone National Park FAQ Sheet is available online. An online Yellowstone National Park map is available. Additionally, the park offers a special Planner, available in multiple languages, online to facilitate trip preparation. For those travelers, whether family, photographers, or simply nature lovers, who are very focused on wildlife, downloadable and printable wildlife lists are available online. You can print the lists as a PDF file and take them with you for reference. Also, an animal map of Yellowstone National Park, marked with generalized wildlife viewing areas, is online.