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Principles and Practice of Plant Conservation

Darling understood that to effect change he needed to unite disparate organizations and speak with one voice. The NWF has its beginnings in this first unifying American Wildlife Conference. From its start, the NWF focused attention on conserving wildlife resources - the animals and their habitat. Throughout its history NWF has served as spokesperson and lobbyist for conservation efforts. NWF focused its and its members' attention on passage of key legislation such as the Dingall-Johnson Act, US Wilderness Act, Water Pollution Control Act, Endangered Species Conservation Act and dozens more. Today NWF lobbying efforts center on climate and clean energy initiatives, and NWF continues work to safeguard wildlife and habitat.

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(Kaufman and Franz, 1993, 357). This removal of species from the wild degrades the biodiversity and genetic variety in a system and this could eventually lead to the collapse of the entire ecosystem. Poaching is another harmful impact that humans have on wildlife. . (Kaufman and Franz, 1993, 357). Poachers hunt down animals like elephants and rhinoceros for their ivory, and leave the rest of the butchered animal to rot. Shark finning is in line with ivory harvesting. In this case the sharks are captured alive and their fins are cut off and the shark is then tossed back into the water where it drowns. Habitat loss is also a major problem for wildlife. (Kaufman and Franz, 1993, 357). This is caused by human developments encroaching on wild areas, and because of deforestation for agriculture or lumber.