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Like people, most animals must eat all year round. So it is important that a wildlife refuge provide food throughout the year. Some plants flower in early spring, others flower in summer, still others flower in the fall. All types should be part of your garden. This is also true of some trees. Trees such as mountain ash, hawthorn, and autumn olive bear fruit from early autumn until February or March.

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Florida's natural beauty is being preserved for future generations through Florida wildlife grants. A Florida wildlife grant is based on the conservation needs in Florida to preserve natural habitats and their wildlife. Florida wildlife grants financially support the efforts of environmental conservationist group projects and bring attention to urgent environmental issues, such as human encroachment, pollution and extinction of rare or endangered species. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy manages the wildlife grants program within the state through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Congress asked Florida and other states to develop a plan to protect natural environments. Florida created strategies to prevent future depletion of its natural habitat to curtail the high maintenance costs to the state.