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I have also seen a couple of wireless base stations that will automatically send captured information(pictures) from your camera in the field to your computer in your home without you even having to get out of your easy chair. The more features you choose, the higher the price tag of various cams. From my recent research, you can get a good 35mm film cam for around $50. 00. Digital cams start on the low end at around $60. 00 and go as high as several hundred dollars.

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It appeared that the flash did not bother them in the least. From that moment I was hooked on my game cam. From that first season, I have many great pictures of seven different bucks at that very first set up location and another buck at another spot in that same field. After three years with two cams, I have a lot of up close and personal pictures of deer, turkeys, coyotes, fox, racoons etc. I am having a blast with my simple little 35mm cams and they are doing their job perfectly for me. Maybe this Christmas the wife will bring me into the digital age of game cams, but if not, I'm am doing just fine with the ones I already have. The most important thing I have learned with the game cam is that location is everything. The time of year, and knowing animal travel patterns is the key to getting great photo pictures as well as great bow, muzzle loader, and rifle shots while hunting. So try many different spots and set-ups with your cam and you will find what works the best for your terrain and success. Most of all, have fun while you enjoy the great outdoors and our American wildlife. I'll put this as simply and bluntly as I can.