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By helping children connect to nature, NWF fosters greater environmental stewardship within our youth. In 1958, NWF introduced Ranger Rick to children. Ranger Rick, the magazine, began publication in 1968 inspiring children with the Ranger Rick pledge to "explore the wonders of nature and learn the importance of every living thing. " As a child, I looked forward each month to getting my Ranger Rick, and the magazine motivated my first activist action, circulating a petition to ban baby seal hunting. NWF expanded its outreach to children by adding two magazine formats, Animal Baby (for 2 - 4 year olds) and Your Big Backyard (for ages 4 - 7). Always innovating, the NWF website reaches even more children and their parents.

Wildlife Zoologist

Some grow to only 30 feet tall while others reach 60 feet in height. There are also dwarf varieties that only grow to about 15 feet tall. All have an almost perfect pyramidal shape. They also have dense branches. It's this feature that makes the tree feel secure to birds for nesting and storm shelter. Flowers and fruit: Chickadees and Nuthatches eat its seeds.