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Continuing to play on the oiled beaches an in the oiled waters exposes children and adults to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) contained in crude oil. Humans, like animals, metabolize PAHs. This turns the PAHs into carcinogenic material that binds to DNA. The PAH reaction with DNA makes it mutagenic and carcinogenic. Long-term exposure to low levels of PAHs results in a high-risk of cancer. Lungs (inhalation) and liver/multi-organ (ingestion) are top cancer risks from PAHs.

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It is one of the biggest attractions for tourists. Walk- through safari and drive- through safari parks are very popular among visitors. Some of the safari parks are interactive as well where one can feed animals and watch them closely. Animal shows are arranged to add more interactive features in the safari. Wildlife photographers are attracted to the beauty of wildlife in African Safaris. The diversity of scenery that can be captured and availability of close up capturing of wildlife scenes is a true attraction for wildlife photographers.