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You see the lush green colors of huge trees and rainforests which are a sight to behold. The wide expanse of the dull brown desert with its golden sands is also worth a watch. Even more breathtaking is the natural viewing of the hunting. How the predators chase and pounce at their prey is the most amazing spectacle ever. The thrill and rush of watching such amazing attraction. The experience will stay with you forever if you are a lover if nature, mother earth. The most famous sights in African safari are cheetah, African elephants, Giraffes, hippopotamus, Warthog, Zebras, wildebeest and Rhinoceros. African elephant is the largest mammal on earth. All these wildlife can be enjoyed in Safaris of Africa. Different types of birds' unseen in other continents also adhere to the environment of African wildlife safaris. African safari parks are now developing at immense rate to attract visitors from all over the world.

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Population, habitat and project-level monitoring are also included in the Missouri CWCS as well as distribution information, length frequency distributions; community-level monitoring and replication. These performance measures provide information that pertains to conservation actions and provide for revisions to these actions if needed. The conservation action and proposed plans for GCN species and habitat monitoring occurs with help from several partners. These partners include but are not limited to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, The Nature Conservancy, The Missouri Department of Conservation, the Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership, the Missouri Prairie Foundation, Audubon Missouri, Conservation Federation of Missouri, Quail Unlimited, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Ducks Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Ozark Regional Land Trust. This weekend, Saturday, September 29, National Wildlife Federation hosts the 2012 Hike and Seek at Bemis Woods Forest Preserve in Western Springs, Illinois. The event has two great outcomes: it is a fundraiser for a top notch non-profit organization, and it helps families and children get excited about exploring the great outdoors. Registration starts between noon and 1 p. m. At the registration area children will get to see live animal displays and get to shake hands with the iconic Ranger Rick. This right there is worth the price of admission. I know I am excited to meet Mr.