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Biodiversity is all of the different varieties of species that inhabit the planet. Genetic differences within a species can mean differences in shape, size, smell, and color. Diversity of populations are "measured in both the number of individuals within a local group--the size of the loon population in northern Wisconsin--and the distribution of a species' geographic range--the presence of loon populations from Alaska to Maine" (How Do Scientists Define Biodiversity). The variety of species within a natural community means all the various species in a particular habitat. "A wide array of natural communities and ecosystems throughout the world, from tropical rainforests to tall grass prairies to boreal forests" make up the biodiversity of the world. Biodiversity is the natural make up of plants and animals of the world, and it should be valued highly.

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If they feel that your order has a commercial quantity, they could ask you to provide the permit, even if they're for your personal use. Those are a couple of circumstances when Fish & Wildlife might not require you to carry the Import Permit. Let's take a look at those times when you will need to have that permit, and what you need to do to get it. Any business-to-business importation of Fish & Wildlife regulated goods will require you to obtain the Import Permit. This is important to note. Even if your import is for your own personal use, if that is not clearly noted on your commercial invoice or if you wish to use your company as the Importer Of Record, Fish & Wildlife will ask you for the permit.