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Refreshingly, Dr. Alicia's help advice is accurate and appropriate even after the scripted tutorial has ended. All of Wildlife Refuge's graphics are consistent with the safari theme. Menus open and close smoothly and the transition between Refuge and Exploration is quick. Wildlife Refuge offers both a high and low quality graphics setting and the low quality option will run painlessly on even a cheap netbook. Sony generates revenue from Wildlife Refuge through the purchase of "Station Cash" with real money. Station Cash, shown in-game as an "SC" symbol is the same color and shape as the normal coins. This has the effect of devaluing the SC items and making it entirely possible to mis-click and spend valuable SC by mistake. This is a minor annoyance, but as only a small percentage of players will invest in SC, confusing Station Cash with normal coins will be meaningless to most gamers. The social interaction features of Wildlife Refuge will be familiar to fans of any popular Facebook game. You can visit your neighbors' refuges to assist with tasks, send gifts to your in-game friends, and ask for assistance with special tasks.

Plant Conservation Hawaii

There is another funded grant program called the Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund being implemented to preserve natural environments and species, not only in Florida, but nationwide. Wildlife in the Great Smoky Mountains is what brings many visitors to this National Park. The accessibility and opportunity to view plant life and animals is a unique opportunity for travelers from all over the country. A wide range of elevations and the climate changes associated with them account for nearly 100 species mammals, 50 types of fish, and over 200 different birds. Bird watchers will find the Smoky Mountains a unique place to visit with a pair of binoculars in hand. From permanent residents to migratory breeders, the Park is filled with 240 different birds.