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As for the job outlook, the The Job Bank USA reports growth for conservation scientists and foresters will be stronger in scientific research and private sector consulting firms through 2012. As a stronger emphasis is placed upon environmental protection, these job opportunities will continue to increase. Hiring of conservationists to prepare environmental impact studies on erosion control and tree harvesting will continue through the year 2012. The salary, As reported by the Job Bank USA, the median salary of conservationists in 2002 was $50,340. Salaries in the wildlife conservation field can range from $30,000 to $70,000 per year. Entering the job field as a forester, soil conservationist or range manager, you can expect a beginning salary of $23,000 to $29,000 per year. Conservationists holding a doctorate degree may increase their beginning salary to $51,000 annually. If you live in Ohio, but are dying to go on an African Safari did you know you could do that inside African Safari Wildlife Park in Ohio? Well, you can and it feels just like you were actually driving through African lands with wild African animals. You will even be able to see other wild animals from other parts of the world as well inside African Safari Wildlife Park. African Safari Wildlife Park is located in Port Clinton, Ohio on 267 South Lightner Road. The African Safari Wildlife Park is open throughout the year at varies times, you can check out the times the African Safari Wildlife Park is open by visiting one of their websites.

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My boys and I like to watch the robins and the squirrels chase each other in the spring. Food. Like people, most animals must eat all year round. So it is important that a wildlife refuge provide food throughout the year. Some plants flower in early spring, others flower in summer, still others flower in the fall. All types should be part of your garden. This is also true of some trees. Trees such as mountain ash, hawthorn, and autumn olive bear fruit from early autumn until February or March. Thus they make food available during the cold winter months-the time of year when food is scarcest. You can supplement vegetation with birdseed, suet, bread, corn, raisins, table scraps-you name it. Almost any food found in your kitchen will be welcomed by some creature in your refuge.