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In wildlife photography you should try to make your photographs as natural as possible. Taking headshots during wildlife photography is not a very good idea; instead you should focus more on shooting the pictures which shows animals in motion. For headshots, I think zoo would be a better place. Now, for doing wildlife photography, you may need to shoot pictures while traveling in a vehicle. Most of the animals in wildlife national parks have got used to of seeing vehicles so they allow the vehicles to come close to them. Either you can decide to take an open roof vehicle such as a Jeep or you can shoot from the open windows of a closed roof vehicle. You should try to do wildlife photography in the best light and with the tripod. When it is not feasible to use tripod then you should try beanbags. When you are in a vehicle taking photographs and the road also is not clear then it would be really difficult for you to take stable wildlife photographs thus you may want to go for Image stabilization lenses, if you can afford them as they are a bit costly. You can even find wildlife subjects without going to a far away forest. Subjects like frog, lizard etc.

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Shrubs are one of the most convenient elements to plant, as they require little maintenance and provide excellent shelter for a wide variety of wildlife that lives on or near the ground. In order to provide the highest level of shelter for your chosen wildlife, avoid the temptation to prune the lower branches. Doing so will expose your wildlife to predators, making them easy prey. How you arrange the plants, trees and shrubs is just as important as the species. In order to attract wildlife, you will want to plant these elements around the edge of your yard. A good example of the perfect wildlife habitat is that found along the edges of a natural stream. There you will find a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees which are layered and follow the natural curves of the stream. If possible, plan a visit to a local stream and explore the area. This will provide you with an abundance of ideas for your backyard wildlife habitat. In closing, it's important to remember that you can create a wildlife landscape regardless of the size or location of your yard. All it takes is time and information.