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The refuge features a half-mile interpretive nature trail which winds along the Illinois River. Two scenic overlooks provide visitors larger views of the riparian habitat and a chance to spot moose. ' Kremmling: Pronghorn can be seen year round on the east side of County Road 22 just north of Kremmling. For a great wildlife viewing drive take County Road 1 (Trough Road) off Hwy 9 south of Kremmling through the Radium State Wildlife Area. This 28-mile drive to State Bridge rolls through prime wintertime viewing area for mule deer and elk. The area along the Colorado River is a winter home to bald eagles and other raptors.

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Illegal wildlife products are still openly traded in many places. WildAid's focus is to increase public support for wildlife conservation and reduce the demand for threatened and endangered species products. They offer a number of petitions to sign and banners to link to them on your website or blog. Find out more on their website at http://www. wildaid. org. Defenders of Wildlife is a group dedicated to protecting all native wild animals and plants in their natural habitat. They are involved in several programs which encourage protection of entire ecosystems and interconnected habitats while protecting predators that serve as indicator species for ecosystem health. Their website has several opportunities to take action by sending letters by filling out forms, and even offers a checking account through Bank of America. For more information about Defenders of Wildlife, visit their website at http://www. defenders.