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If you live in Ohio, but are dying to go on an African Safari did you know you could do that inside African Safari Wildlife Park in Ohio? Well, you can and it feels just like you were actually driving through African lands with wild African animals. You will even be able to see other wild animals from other parts of the world as well inside African Safari Wildlife Park. African Safari Wildlife Park is located in Port Clinton, Ohio on 267 South Lightner Road. The African Safari Wildlife Park is open throughout the year at varies times, you can check out the times the African Safari Wildlife Park is open by visiting one of their websites. However, on most days the park is open from 10 am until 5 pm. The cost to get into African Safari Wildlife Park only cost fourteen dollars for adults and eight dollars for children, but sometimes these prices rates can change daily depending on what is going on in the park on certain days.

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What a lot of people don't know is common trash items that injure and even kill wildlife. Many land and marine animals are injured and killed each year by trash items. In addition, plastics and other trash items have been found in the stomachs of an alarming amount of animals. Throwing away our trash and recycling is a big step in helping save wildlife. Proper disposal is another important step. Read the following tips, to learn more about common everyday items that injure and kill wildlife. The following tips are just a few examples of common items that harm wildlife. Use these tips as an example that can apply to all of your trash. Think about everything that you throw away and ask yourself if it poses a threat to wildlife. If it does, ask yourself what you can do to help minimize the danger. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up, even if it is not yours.