Wildlife Marathon

Animal Euthanasia

The National Wildlife Federation has information provided on their website to help with providing cover and nesting places. This last step is equally important to becoming certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. This last step will be the maintenance of the wonderful backyard sanctuary you have created. The National Wildlife Federation website is full of helpful information to help you achieve this goal. The food, water and shelters have been provided for your backyard wildlife. Now it will be more important than ever to keep them safe and healthy by eliminated harmful chemicals.

Global Strategy for Plant Conservation Target 8

More than 60 bird species, mostly parrots, are endangered or threatened because of this wild bird trade" (Sustaining Biodiversity). The reason that pollution and climate change also impacts species and causes extinction because of pesticides and rapid climate change. "According to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, each year in the United States, pesticides kill about one-fifth of the country's beneficial honeybee colonies, more than 67 million birds, and 6-14 million fish. They also threaten about one-fifth of the country's endangered and threatened species" (Sustaining Biodiversity).