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In the winter, there's Yellowstone's stark cold and the incomparable sight of animals in beautiful winter coats. In the summer, there's the beauty and abundance of wildlife, geothermal splendor, lots of park events, and, yes, plenty of company to share the enjoyment of the park. The original slideshow accompanying this article emphasizes wildlife viewing and reaches into multiple seasons of Yellowstone National Park to offer a perspective that facilitates planning. The informative article, 'Ecotrip '" Early autumn's spectacular elk rut in Yellowstone,' helps further with specific information on viewing and planning for the autumn's exciting elk rut. Dave Hartvigsen, vice president of sales and marketing for national park concessioner, Xanterra Parks & Resorts, indicates that 'we do expect the summer 2012 season to be as busy as it was in 2011. ' As it's important to book in advance, especially for the summer, visit the Xanterra's Yellowstone National Park website for general information on the parks, lodging descriptions, rates, and availability. *Educate yourself -- Do your research and make reservations online. Read about the lodges and parks you want to visit. Know what to expect. *For a Yellowstone visit, go to Yellowstone National Park's localized website, especially to check on event schedules during a busy season. *Review general National Park information -- An excellent source for general, national park information is the National Park Service's website.

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After years of planning, gauging public opinion, and study, the grassroots effort of establishing a National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin has come to fruition with the authorization of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. U. S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced federal designation of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday, August 15 at Glacial Park. Related: Open letter regarding the proposed Hackmatack National Wildlife RefugeView slideshow:Glacial Park inside Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge Friends of Hackmatack have advocated for over eight years for the refuge to be added to the 556 national wildlife refuges. This is the only national wildlife refuge in northern Illinois and the closest to Chicago.