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This is one of the few overwintering areas in the state for the horned grebe. Hamilton Reservoir is located north of Fort Collins, off Exit 288. Go west on Buckeye Road and drive two miles to entrance to Rawhide Power Plant. Visitors may view from the power plant parking lot and from the viewing area on the south shore. ' Walden, Colorado area: There's no better place to find moose in Colorado than Jackson County, the self-proclaimed "Moose Capital of Colorado. " This is where moose were reintroduced to Colorado in the 1970s.

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" According to Patrick Impiccini, the Nina Mason Pulliam Foundation will provide funds to construct an enclosure for the female wolf, but SWCC founder Linda Searles noted that SWCC needs donations to help it care for the animal. Like other wildlife at the sanctuary, the wolf will help educate children and other visitors to SWCC about the role different mammals play in our ecosystem and the importance of preserving endangered species. In addition to saving this wolf from being destroyed, last summer, they rescued a leopard named Leonardo who was being kept at a 'deplorable roadside zoo . where he was living in a small, filthy cage with little shelter and no privacy.