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gov, or contact your local office directly. Contact information for your local office can be found on their website as well. The application is easy to complete and the application fee runs about 100 dollars. The permit is good for a year so it will need to be renewed annually if you are a business that intends to import regulated goods often. Be aware that the application takes a few weeks to process, so if you know you are going to be importing the goods, try to get your application processed prior to the importation. If you can't, or get caught unawares, one of the nice things about Fish & Wildlife is that, again at their discretion, they will allow you to provide a copy of the application and proof of payment as documentation, in lieu of the actual Import Permit.

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The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, brought from Asia, works the same way but feeds on Hemlock trees. One other non-native species might help control the Adelgids. The National Park has introduced a beetle that feeds exclusive on these insects but it will still take years to produce noticeable results. With the help of beetles and tree vaccines, the Smokies might return to scenic glory. This only scratches the surface of the abundant wildlife found in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Repeat visitors to the Park will begin to look beyond the scenery and historic significance to the beautiful complexity that makes the Smokies such a popular destination in America.