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These cams then became very useful as commercial security surveillance tools for businesses and then their uses spread to up scale private residences. With new and more precise features and a variety of styles, the original motion and heat sensor activated cams have morphed into a world wide marketed creation which are today's game and trail cams. I myself am no genius in any way when it comes to high tech gadgets, but with a short amount of time and patience I have had no troubles setting up my cams and getting great pictures. So don't let the tech stuff scare you away from purchasing one of these cams if you are in the market for one. Most of the set up and use is simply based on common sense and some good ol' trial and error. The more you use your cam, the more little tricks you learn.

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Better still wait until they can swim and understand the dangers involved with water. For additional safety you can fit a custom made grill over the water surface which will bear the weight of a child to prevent them falling in. Ponds are easy to build and also attract a wealth of wildlife to the garden. It can be small enough to float sticks on or big enough to sale small boats. The choice is yours. Add some fish to it and the entertainment can be endless as the children encourage the fish to the surface by feeding them.