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The more commonly seen are elk, grizzly bears, bison, wolves and even trumpeter swans! Another great way to witness Montana's wildlife is to visit one of 51 wildlife refuges! Visiting a refuge you have the opportunity to visit animals in their natural environment, unlike visiting a zoo which sometimes can be depressing. Refuges usually offer many opportunities for stunning photography, educational opportunities or tours (great for kids!), outdoor activities and sometimes even camping! Another opportunity you can take advantage of is visiting a wildlife center. There are a few of these in Montana which care for animals which can no longer return to the wild. Similar to the concept of a zoo, however you will find that the animals have about triple the space and are not really "confined". For example there is a Wolf Sanctuary about 16 miles from Missoula called "The Wolfkeep". They have a total of 10 wolves in a 10 acre enclosure, giving them maximum space to live freely.

What Is the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

As a stronger emphasis is placed upon environmental protection, these job opportunities will continue to increase. Hiring of conservationists to prepare environmental impact studies on erosion control and tree harvesting will continue through the year 2012. The salary, As reported by the Job Bank USA, the median salary of conservationists in 2002 was $50,340. Salaries in the wildlife conservation field can range from $30,000 to $70,000 per year. Entering the job field as a forester, soil conservationist or range manager, you can expect a beginning salary of $23,000 to $29,000 per year. Conservationists holding a doctorate degree may increase their beginning salary to $51,000 annually.