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But as is so often the case with the formation of a refuge, there is great benefit to mankind as well. The existence of the refuge has meant the preservation of a large span of undeveloped coastal property that will allow visitors from now into perpetuity to see what the Gulf Coast had once looked like before development. A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request report released Wednesday included a trove of photographs of garbage bag upon garbage bag of dead Gulf sea animals that the White House ordered workers retrieving the corpses to keep secret from the public. Government veil of secrecy about BP wrecked Macondo well, the Greenpeace independent investigation began with the discovery of a dead, rotting, partially eaten by sharks sperm whale in the Gulf. "The White House was sitting on this stuff for over two years, at the same time they were saying everything was fine, that the oil was gone, and while they were rushing ahead with plans for new drilling in the Gulf, the Arctic, elsewhere," John Hocevar of Greenpeace said when the organization began its Gulf investigation. "It's just not okay," said Hocevar.

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The statistics in the 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation clearly shows that this trend is continuing. So to answer the question "What kind of an economic impact does this group of people have on the nation's economy and on the economy of North Dakota?" is that there is a positive economic impact by wildlife watchers, one that benefits both the nation and the state of North Dakota. It is rare to hear about a household cleaner that is friendly to the environment. That is what makes Dawn Dish Soap a unique leader in this category of products. Though most people know the Dawn brand for its dish soap products, many are unaware of their now 25 years and counting commitment to help the environment. Somehow it was discovered that Dawn Dish Soap products contained the perfect formula for the use of washing oil off of birds and other wildlife that are susceptible to the all too frequent and harmful spills. As a result, Dawn joined forces with several animal rescue organizations to continue that oil removal deed and implement several more programs of a similar. Dawn believes that since humans are primarily responsible for the oil misusage problem it is people working together that the affected wildlife depend on to make a significant change. The brand's latest campaign titled "Make a Difference" encourages individual consumers to make a dedicated effort to reduce and make safer their use of oil while striving to motivate others to do the same. At the "Make a Difference" website, at DawnSavesWildlife. com, Dawn makes it easy for individuals to get started in playing their part.