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Other e-follow options include Twitter, my Facebook fan page, and/or my new blog Travelingted. tv. Love the call of the wild? Unless you have lots of free time to camp out in the hinterlands and stalk the inhabitants, your chances of having face-to-face encounters with wild animals are about as good as having a beer with Bigfoot. The next best thing is visiting a wildlife sanctuary or refuge, where you can get reasonably (and safely) close to some of the most beautiful, exotic, and often the most endangered species on the planet. And by including a sanctuary destination in your travel plans, you can support the efforts of these nonprofit organizations that work to save animals from cruelty, neglect, and even extinction. View slideshow:Visit some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the U. S. *At Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, founder Carole Baskin's vision is to end the abuse and abandonment of captive exotic animals and promote preservation of the species in the wild. According to Baskin, this educational sanctuary strives to give the cats "the best care we can while.

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Alicia, who will assist with context-driven help menus. For more information at any point in the game, Wildlife Refuge players can click on Dr. Alicia for assistance. Sony's implementation of Dr. Alicia as an in-game helper evokes bad memories of the paper clip from Microsoft Office. Refreshingly, Dr. Alicia's help advice is accurate and appropriate even after the scripted tutorial has ended. All of Wildlife Refuge's graphics are consistent with the safari theme. Menus open and close smoothly and the transition between Refuge and Exploration is quick. Wildlife Refuge offers both a high and low quality graphics setting and the low quality option will run painlessly on even a cheap netbook. Sony generates revenue from Wildlife Refuge through the purchase of "Station Cash" with real money.