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The New York Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy has addressed these problems or threats to the GCN species population with wildlife conservation actions. These wildlife conservation actions include decreasing the data gap by gathering more information on GCN species, by fire management with controlled burns and with habitat protection by initiating projects to protect existing key habitat or habitat components. Key habitat restoration and improvement by initiating projects to restore or enhance existing habitats and with land acquisition by purchasing land or conservation easement that is important to GCN species are also included in the New York Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy. Wildlife conservation actions also include population management by directly manipulating GCN species population with restocking, translocation and harvest management, with public relations and education by increasing public awareness of GCN species and key habitats through education and public outreach. The New York Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy also includes actions to treat abatement by mitigating existing threats including pollution, predation and competing species and with other conservation action plans that have not been covered previously. Monitoring the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy in New York will begin with the employment of existing inventories and surveys, which includes any monitoring done by conservation partners.

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Small seams of oil can be found digging in the sand. When there is a fish or other wildlife kill, these are officially denied as being related to the oil spill, just as the tar balls were. Having read quite a lot on the effects of exposure to chemicals, including VOC's and Corexit, the following ensued: "On July 23, after a couple of weeks of increased congestion, I woke up and could hardly breathe. I have a very mild asthma condition and I am over 60, but I have never had anything even close to this. Since I had no signs of viral or bacterial infection, my doctor thought it was allergies. I was coughing up tons of white mucus. I only have a dust allergy, so it has to be something outside. I am worse when I am out of air conditioning for any length of time. He said he could not rule out that there was something in the air which had really irritated my respiratory system, throat, and sinuses, including hoarseness. I was put on steroids, and this cleared up, but once off them, it was not long before I was right back where I began,and had to resume taking them as well as Advair.