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The genetic information in species is also very important to mankind. The information is used to create new crop types, as well as food, medicines, and vaccines. The plants and animals of the earth are also important because of the recreational pleasure they provide us with. More people in America spend time watching wildlife than they do watching movies or sports. "Eco-tourism, generates at least $500 billion per year worldwide" (Sustaining Biodiversity) There are many ways wildlife extinction has an influence on the world. "Biologists conservatively estimate that the current rate of extinction is at least 1,000 to 10,000 times the rate before we arrived.

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The park is also home to the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory. To reach Barr Lake, take I-76 north from Denver and exit on Bromley Lane. Go east to Picadilly Road, then south to the park entrance. ' Roxborough State Park: Combine dramatic scenery with deer, elk, coyotes and a variety of raptors, at Roxborough State Park. The park is open 9 a. m.