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One day it's minus 7 degrees with blowing snow. Two days later it's 50 degrees and sunny. Coloradans '" and local wildlife '" seem to be used to this and take the crazy weather swings in stride. Despite the cold, winter is a great time to photograph wildlife. Snow on the ground makes it easier to spot animal tracks. Many animals seek lower elevations for food and warmth, and thus, come closer to people. It's also easier to spot dark-colored wildlife moving on a white blanket of snow, or hawks perched on bare tree limbs. View slideshow:Winter Wildlife Photography Bundle up, get out your telephoto lenses and explore the abundant wildlife photography opportunities in Colorado. ' Rocky Mountain National Park and vicinity: Elk are plentiful in the park and can be seen in the Moraine Park, Beaver Meadows and Horseshoe Park. Bighorn sheep usually prefer steep, high mountain terrain, but can be seen visiting sheep lakes in Horseshoe Park throughout the year. Nearby Big Thompson canyon, along U.

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"A wide array of natural communities and ecosystems throughout the world, from tropical rainforests to tall grass prairies to boreal forests" make up the biodiversity of the world. Biodiversity is the natural make up of plants and animals of the world, and it should be valued highly. (How Do Scientists Define Biodiversity) Humans play a tremendous role in wildlife extinction. Habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation are the leading factors that cause wildlife extinction to occur. The second largest threat is from introducing nonnative species into ecosystems. Many species are accidentally introduced.