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Non-game means native species outside of hunting grounds. There are also grants offered to scientists and other research specialists who have continual research projects that involve non-gaming species as well. There is another funded grant program called the Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund being implemented to preserve natural environments and species, not only in Florida, but nationwide. Wildlife in the Great Smoky Mountains is what brings many visitors to this National Park. The accessibility and opportunity to view plant life and animals is a unique opportunity for travelers from all over the country. A wide range of elevations and the climate changes associated with them account for nearly 100 species mammals, 50 types of fish, and over 200 different birds.

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Monitoring of local government actions to secure habitats and habitat corridors identified as sensitive should occur. State and local agencies water system decisions should be monitored to ensure that sufficient water amounts have been allocated for wildlife needs as well as integrated water plans implemented regionally. The prioritized invasive species status and trends will be monitored. Riparian habitats throughout the state should have priority areas for conservation and restoration mapped. These same areas should be monitored for trends and population status. Goals are to be established for improved wildlife habitat lands and monitoring should occur on acres where improvements for wildlife conditions have occurred. Climate change effects on GCN species and key habitat should be monitored. A survey of grade school students and adults on issues affecting wildlife and natural resource conservation is to be conducted every 5 years. Staff and resources committed to assisting agencies and landowners for thee development and implementation of restoration and conservation plans must be monitored. Habitat quality and quantity around military bases throughout the state must be identified. The conservation action and proposed plans for GCN species and habitat monitoring occurs with help from several partners.