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At the Wildlife Conservation Society's web site, donations to support saving wildlife and wild places can be made. There also is guidance for 'Take Action' steps such as writing to Congress. From the Wildlife Conservation Society's home page, there are links to the Bronx Zoo, the New York Aquarium, the Central Park Zoo, and the Prospect Zoo. A visit to those zoos or another wildlife park near you builds knowledge integration. Additionally, the listed zoos have volunteer and/or young learner opportunities. Building a naturalist intelligence enhances a learner's insights into the integrity of life and the process of life in a connected world.

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They are more than a beautiful specimen in the yard or the edge of woodlands. They provide a significant food source for wildlife. The red berries they produce in the autumn are eaten by many species of birds, as well as squirrels and other wildlife. The dogwood tree is also used for shelter. The natural habitat for dogwoods is in the semi shade of larger trees and this is the environment in which they thrive. Their native habitat is the eastern United States from Florida to Maine.