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You will find a lot of pictures in today's hunting and wildlife magazines that were taken with a gam cam as these cool little units can be in the field and on the job twenty four hours a day. At present day, there are many versions of cams on the market ranging from the very simple 35mm film versions to the now popular digital high resolution units. Most of these digital cams will also capture video clips that are downloadable to your home computer and/or cd burner. I have also seen a couple of wireless base stations that will automatically send captured information(pictures) from your camera in the field to your computer in your home without you even having to get out of your easy chair. The more features you choose, the higher the price tag of various cams. From my recent research, you can get a good 35mm film cam for around $50.

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2-3. 1 million barrels of oil. On October 15, government scientists definitively linked a new Gulf of Mexico oil slick, that has moved to some 90 miles from the sinkhole, to BP's 2010 oil catastrophe. The scientists, however, claimed that the oil was probably from a BP Deepwater Horizon rig pipe. Attorney Stuart Smith was among experts who are not buying that rig pipe claim, and increasingly, people are demanding evidence about the source of the crude oil in the Gulf. To Greenpeace, the episode of the sea animal coverup has been indicative of what it calls "the veil of secrecy that descended upon the Gulf of Mexico" since the Deepwater Horizon accident, as manifested in a response earlier this year to the same FOIA request - for any communication relating to threatened or endangered Gulf species from April 20, 2010 to July 30, 2010.