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Otherwise, typical Georgia style, we will sit on the porch and shoot opossum as they creep into the yard at night. My beagles love to tree opossum, but I don't care for the rabid, little creatures. Raccoons are part of the same hunting season as opossum. There is a one per day limit in Northern Georgia and 3 a day in southern Georgia. I have a feeling if the DNR knew how many raccoons are eating out trash bins, they would increase the limit. Woodcock, a type of wading bird, can be hunted December 15 - January 13.

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The possibilities are nearly infinite, specially if you like researching nature and wildlife. Since you will need a unique topic to pitch to wildlife and nature magazine markets, you might consider specializing on the natural wildlife of a particular region of the world. For example, Amy Hentley is a UK-based freelance writer who has penned dozens of articles for major wildlife and nature magazines on habitats in Scotland. You could choose to write about your own neck of the woods or branch out to learn about somewhere else. Many freelance writers who target wildlife and nature magazine markets focus on a specific animal or plant. This can make your options less broad, but it can also earn you a popular name in the genre. For example, if you grew up raising horses on your grandfather's farm, you could easily write about wild horses for Equus or Horse Illustrated. The same thing goes for a botanist who has studied rare vines and wants to publish a series of articles in Organic Gardening. A very hot topic in the world of wildlife and nature magazine markets is natural resources, as well as the ecology surrounding the hunt for new fuel options and habitat destruction. If you consider yourself a wildlife activist -- or even if you don't -- you could form a lucrative career writing for magazines about natural resources. Just make sure you stay on top of the news and include new developments in your articles.