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Many groups in Florida feel impassioned to take action to preserve and protect its uniquely beautiful environment and precious resources. Florida's natural beauty is being preserved for future generations through Florida wildlife grants. A Florida wildlife grant is based on the conservation needs in Florida to preserve natural habitats and their wildlife. Florida wildlife grants financially support the efforts of environmental conservationist group projects and bring attention to urgent environmental issues, such as human encroachment, pollution and extinction of rare or endangered species. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy manages the wildlife grants program within the state through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Congress asked Florida and other states to develop a plan to protect natural environments. Florida created strategies to prevent future depletion of its natural habitat to curtail the high maintenance costs to the state. This federally funded program provides financial support for conservation projects that meet specific criteria. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's website has a list projects and grant assistance information. The Wildlife Society, Florida Chapter, the Wildlife Society, Florida Chapter's mission is to "serve and represent wildlife professionals in promoting wildlife conservation, biodiversity, and resource stewardship. " Non-profit groups can go to The Florida Wildlife Society website and inquire about funding.

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In October of 1893 Ernest Seton rode into town expecting the job to take only a few weeks. By the time he arrived, most of the wolves had already been killed. Cattle ranches were taking over land, forcing the gray wolf to turn to other food sources as their natural prey became scarce. Buffalo had been the wolf's food supply, but man, not caring about wildlife conservation, hunted buffalo almost to the point of extinction. To survive, wolf packs turned to easy prey in the growing herds of cattle. Ranchers created their wolf problem, but it was the gray wolf who would pay the price. As far as ranchers were concerned, wolves were evil, blood thirsty killers with no right to life. It was their right to shoot, poison or hang any gray wolf they found on their land. They didn't care about wildlife conservation or the wolf. Ernest Seton considered Lobo a worthy adversary. The large alpha male wolf was cunning and eluded traps, poisoned meat and Seton's bullets day after day.