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Much to my surprise the Global Wildlife Center had some bison on hand and though conservatives would probably be offended by the interspecies mingling with longhorn steers, I think normal people would be equally amazed at the chance for their kids to actually pet one of the inspiring animals. Look at that picture and take special notice of the intelligence that you can see in that eye. Near the end of the tour I made great friends with a llama. While the usual case was a murder of animals coming up behind the jeep, apparently this llama was their king. Giving him plenty of space, even those jerk zebras, I had him to my own for about five minutes. He ate from my cup and allowed me to pet him; I never knew just how soft a llama is. What I'm trying to say is that I now desperately want to own a llama as a pet. A private tour, which is not nearly as expensive as it might sound, at the Global Wildlife Center is guaranteed to thrill you and the kids. In addition to giraffes, bison, and camels there are also more deer than you'd find at a rest home on family visit day as well as zebras, exotic birds, and kangaroos. Just make sure you shell out for the corn because half the fun is feeding these incredibly friendly animals. I rarely write an absolutely glowing review of anything, but our experience at the Global Wildlife Center was perfect and exceeded every expectation we had.

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When the wildlife manager has made his hunters happy, his job becomes easier. The final responsibility of a wildlife manager is to take care of the game that the hunter has successfully taken. This includes having the meat prepared to having the game animal ready for taxidermy services and anything in-between. Many people may believe that the life of a wildlife manager is one that they would like to have one day. But the problem with this is that they only see this life from a hunting point of view. Hunters only spend a few days a year with a wildlife manager; they do not actually see all that the wildlife manager actually does on a day-to-day basis.