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The accessibility and opportunity to view plant life and animals is a unique opportunity for travelers from all over the country. A wide range of elevations and the climate changes associated with them account for nearly 100 species mammals, 50 types of fish, and over 200 different birds. Bird watchers will find the Smoky Mountains a unique place to visit with a pair of binoculars in hand. From permanent residents to migratory breeders, the Park is filled with 240 different birds. The peak of songbird activity starts in the spring and lasts through summer. By the time fall comes around many species have started to move on, but others come in from as far away as Canada for the winter.

New England Plant Conservation Program

Critters don't like the taste of hot, spicy items and actually just a whiff of cayenne pepper usually sends them looking elsewhere. Cayenne pepper is a great deterrent and does work to keep wildlife away from bulbs. Using cayenne pepper will not in any way harm your plants. You'll have to remember to sprinkle your plants after it rains or after you water them if you're not using a drip system. Vinegar has many household uses and it will sometimes work to keep wildlife away from bulbs. The problem with vinegar is that the smell is not strong enough for some critters.