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The grouse limit in Georgia is three per day. Marsh hens are also hunted for food. The hunting season for Marsh hens is extensive, as is the number of Marsh hens. Marsh hens may be hunted statewide from September 22- November 11, and November 17 - December 15. Marsh hens are a great way to stock the freezer, and with a limit of 15 a day, a decent hunter can stock up. Quail and rabbit may be hunted November 17- February 29.

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Generally, well over 300,000 hunters register in Georgia. If you decide to hunt in Georgia, do not try to skirt the law. The Department of National Resources patrols regularly for the protection of wildlife and hunters. They will check for proper license for everyone in the hunting group. Hunting and fishing license are required in Georgia, and may be obtained on-line. Visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website, as certain counties have implemented additional restrictions.