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There were not any results of the tests that were conducted into the cause of the whale's demise," Greenpeace reports. What they received, and released Wednesday, was a trove of photographs of that unfortunate whale, revealing e-mail exchanges containing alarming information. Among that information was that the crew of the Pisces was instructed not to post or disseminate any pictures they took. There were not any results of the tests that were conducted into the cause of the whale's demise. Because the Macondo well capping was unsuccessful, or a well-orchestrated media "sham," as the oil insider Matt Simmons had said, the oil and methane have been leaking ever since. Huge amounts of gases including methane and pentane spewed from the Macondo oil well, along with at least 206 million gallons of crude oil that is still filling the gulf today. The journal Nature Geoscience, University of Georgia oceanographers estimated months ago that 500,000 tons of gaseous hydrocarbons escaped during the spill and the gas leak was equivalent to a minimum of 1. 6-1. 9 million barrels of oil, but could be as high as or 2. 2-3. 1 million barrels of oil.

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This has continued into the present time. Many of the elderly have also been put on steroids and Oxygen. "As an experiment or sorts, I took some time off in early September and flew to Vermont to see my brother. Almost immediately I was feeling better, and was off of Advair within 24 hours, breathing just fine. My headaches abated, my sore throat and sinuses improved, along with my ability to concentrate and remember. It took a full four days for my persisting hoarseness to be completely gone. I spent most of my time there outside, and there was no air conditioning and the temperatures were around 90 during the day and 60's at night. Upon returning to Daytona Beach, the symptoms returned from almost the first day and have gradually gotten worse, putting me back on Advair again. " A mother in the Daytona Beach area recently reported to Examiner: "My son, who spends a lot of time outdoors, including fishing in the Halifax River, has been breaking out in hives all over his body, including his face and scalp, for several weeks and is still no better. He was cutting out things to figure it out what was causing it, to no avail.