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Visitors may view from the power plant parking lot and from the viewing area on the south shore. ' Walden, Colorado area: There's no better place to find moose in Colorado than Jackson County, the self-proclaimed "Moose Capital of Colorado. " This is where moose were reintroduced to Colorado in the 1970s. The county and the Colorado State Forest is home to 600 moose, with about a third of those located near the Moose Visitor Center near Gould. The animals' chocolate brown coloring makes them easy to spot against the snowy landscape. Moose have no problem with deep snow, thanks to their long legs. Photographers, however, will need snowshoes to get out into the state forest and see these critters. The state forest offers camping cabins, which can be reserved at the visitors center. Bring everything you'd need to camp outdoors in order to use these cabins. Motels can be found about 20 miles away in the town of Walden. To get to the Moose Visitor Center, take Colorado 14 west from Fort Collins and through scenic Poudre Canyon.

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Sketch in new trees, shrubs, and plants and experiment with various layouts that will suit your needs. Another option is to cut photos from a magazine or download images from the Internet. Arrange the images in the manner you intend to plant them, than paste them onto a poster board or piece of paper. Take photos of your backyard and use them as a reference point. You might want to shop around for landscaping software that allows you to upload your photos. Many of the landscaping software programs will allow you to add in different elements to see if they provide you with the results you are seeking. It's important to do as much planning on paper as possible. This is particularly true if you plan to plant trees or implement a water feature. Once these elements are in the ground it can be time-consuming and costly to make changes. The more you can plan on paper, the more likely you will avoid problems when implementing your final design. Regardless of the type of wildlife you wish to attract, it's important to keep in mind that they all have the same basic needs: food, water, shelter and space.