Visalia Water Conservation Plant

Animal Definition

Creating a backyard wildlife habitat is a simple matter of devoting time to research. A homeowner must simply choose and plant a variety of native plants, install a water source such as a birdbath, a puddling area or a pond or stream, and provide trees, bushes and shrubbery for food, shelter and nesting sites. Nesting boxes can also be installed for butterflies and birds to encourage spring nesting. Even apartment dwellers can help wildlife by creating small habitats on balconies or rooftops. A small space can have a few pots of colorful flowers which provide beneficial nesting sites, larval host plants and nectar next to a small saucer with moist mud to create a puddling area for butterflies. There is a great significance to landscaping with native plants.

Plant Conservation Methods

The National Wildlife Federation recommends the use of native plants in your yard. The trees, shrubs and flowers that grow naturally in your area of the country are naturally going to be more hardy. This means fewer problems for the plants and less maintenance for you. Plants that are not in their natural environment are much more susceptible to pests and diseases. The National Wildlife Federation website has a map with the top ten native plants listed for each area of the United States to help achieve this end. Water must be provided to have a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat.